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There is a story with this set of photos: 

They have been redoing this scene for a few times already. This is the scene where Captain Swan was having a “moment” (I think…?) When Leroy came in and yelled “We’re under attack”. He then goes on how someone froze his car’s transmission. Right at that moment, Jennifer Morrison went off script and instead of being the cool, calm, and collected Emma Swan as she were in the previous takes, she yelled out “FROZEN?!?!”Which obviously led to laughter and chuckles to all those who heard it :P

Hope you guys liked this little scene! Jennifer Morrison is so adorable and funny :) 

Evil Snowman clip :

I also noticed and have been asked about using my photos. Personally I don’t mind if you guys want to save, edit and use them Which was why I didn’t add a watermark! I only ask that you credit me for taking the photos!  I probably will be editing them when I have time as well so keep a look out for those! Also if you do edit and post them, please link them to me? I will love to see what you guys did with them! :) 

Part 4/?

Part 3:

July 17 2014

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